old games showcase skilled players more easily

hear me out on this one

i am not saying that older games require more skill (that is a completely different yet arguable debate)

i am saying that if you are skilled at a game, it is more easily decipherable in old games than new games

lets look at call of duty for example

in call of duty 2, there are a limited amount of guns, each unique in its own way, there is no way to alter these guns, there are no ways to alter your character, there are very limited button layout options, etc.

if you kill someone with the sniper in call of duty 2, it is not because your sniper had the variable zoom with hardened and you saw him from a mile away and shot him through a wall, it is because u were good enough to kill him

now, lets look at black ops, in black ops, there are many different guns many different attachments many different perks many different equipment there is the "tactical" button layout that allows for dropshotting etc etc etc

in other words, there are many different ways to play black ops, and being at a higher level gives you a greater chance of winning...level 70 > level 1 (usually)

if i have last stand on, i essentially have a longer life than those without last stand

now, back to call of duty 2, there is such limited options that skill becomes more apparent, in cod2 one player isnt better because their sniper was different than urs and used better perks with the sniper and had a silencer on it so u cudnt hear him, he was simply better cuz he was more skilled with his gun

its a long winded explanation and i tried my best to put it down into text


anybody agree? disagree?


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Are you saying that dropshotting someone takes no skill...? I do it to people all the time.

I think you're nitpicking. The better player is going to win, because none of the attachments or perks are going to determine whether someone wins..

I thought you were gonna talk about real old games. COD anything is not old. You're nitpicking for sure.

You need to go back to xbox days for the "old" games.

Nah even those are still pretty recent. Try the link in my sig for real old games that require skill.

What takes skills is consistency..Not everyone has it..I can go 20-0 and next game still be around 18-5...to me as long as I average over 2:1 kill death ratio puts me above average.

It was difficult to be really good at CoD2?  It was really easy to dominate everyone in that game.  I wish I cared enough to maintain decent stats so they would actually reflect my skills.  I mess around so much and play when I'm blacked out that my stats don't stand a chance.


Meh, not hard to be consistent when one wants too, either.

The topic should have followed with something like this..........people who play/OR grew up playing older games are better at or "more skilled" at our new gen. games. Agree to disagrre.....

Just COD2. I played the crap out of the original COD back in 2003. The first shooter I really played online was quake 2 when I got it in 98, then unreal tournament came out. Before that, I even remember when the SNES was the new big thing. COD2 isn't old, and I'm pretty sure there's people here who have me beat.


For the topic, despite all the crap attached to the gun, you still have to aim. That's the difference between someone who just runs around and the person who just took your head off from across the map mid jump.

1) alot of you guys are stating that i did not choose a really old game...chill, i was merely trying to compare 2 games within the same franchise

2) trust me, not to brag, but i was/am one of the elite in cod2...and i never found too many players that were elite, 80% of the time i would place number 1 in a game, the other 20% i was number 2, there would only be one other good player in every lobby i joined (random lobbys of course, not talkin about my friends)

3) perks and attachments make it easier to play whether you think so or not...there are no grenade launchers in cod2, you cant whip out your pistol and shoot someone after your already dead in cod2, etc etc etc etc etc

4) of course consistency is key to being a great player, even tho that was not my point of this topic at all, great players are consistent, however, most recent games allow anyone to have a few good games, ex. black ops, players will go 20 5 one game and 10 15 the next...that is not a good player that is a player that was able to use the things he was provided in the game, grenade launchers, silences, claymores, the list goes on and on that allow for easier kills than what was avaliable in cod2, i think my point is pretty clear cut here lol

5) cod2 = more skill than a game such as black ops

6) again, you guys got stuck on my example, but there are hundreds available...not rocket science...

What a bizarre argument!

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