Old games no one is online playing

I have tons of older games I would like to play online but cant find anyone playing.Most are on disc but I have a ton of older arcade titles too.Some of the games I want to play are Splinter Cell:Double Agent and Conviction,Turok,EnemyTerritorities:QuakeWars,Quake4,Halo ODST,Rainbow SIX Vegas 1&2,Army of Two:40th day plus a lot more.please contact me if you want to play these or any other games i have.my other profile is HailofSteel so look that one up too.also have  a ton of indie titles.no teabaggers please.Get enough of those on Halo as it is.Bring some Doritos too.


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I would like to play Splinter cell conviction, PGR3, DIRT2. I am based in London and the time right now is 12 mid day. If yopu wish to play any of these do mesage me. I am also on skype: adesola,.akinfie


pretty sure the quake wars servers are down as are the army of 2 40th day. Just some info for ya

I'll play Halo ODST and Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Theres still tons of people still playing Rainbow Six Vegas.