Okay so... are the servers working?

I was going to pick up the Ultimate Edition at my local Best Buy. Figured that since I'm enjoying BF3 so much that I should give BC2 a try also; just to mix things up. But now I'm seeing dozens of posts where people are saying the servers are down or the game is dead? Can I get confirmation on this? I'm hoping I don't waste $40...


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Yeah they're working now..for me anyway.

Thanks! I guess I'll be picking it up tonight. Just wanted to confirm. I know EA is notorious for dropping support with little or no warning... :-/

keep in mind that both BC AND BC2 are way different then reg. battlefield titles.

BC2 is still better then BF3 in alot of ways,if they would have through in jets in BC2; BF3 wouldn't have been needed.

the destruction in BC2 is way better then BF3,BUT like i said they are two different games(even that they both have BATTLEFEILD in the title...)