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Okay, so am I the only one who hates the Oblivion way to level up?  You have the perfect +5/+5/+5 and then you have the +5/+5/+1.  But it drives me crazy when playing to think about having to level up a certain way to optimize my attributes.  And if you do it wrong, you could potentially pay for it after 50-60 hours of gameplay.  I hate hate hate that.  Please tell me Skyrim isn't like that.  I love Oblivion but the leveling system keeps me from playing it all the way through.  Because I want to do everything - and by the time everything gets done, all the creatures could possibly be too powerful if I don't have my stats right.


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The leveling is going to be different. They got rid of that horrid "enemies leveling with you" stuff in Fallout 3 and there changing up the actual attributes.

The reason why I keep playing Fallout: New Vegas...

I've had Fallout: NV for about 3-4 months and I haven't played it yet.

If you play New Vegas now, then you won't stop to play another game for sure...

Well, I played NV but I stopped because my game froze on me at the very beginning of the game.  And the reason is because my Fallout 3 save got corrupted after many many hours... all of a sudden, it just froze.  That's a lot of work, man.  haha

Personally ive always liked the oblivion leveling compared to the fallout leveling, it just seems odd to me that i will get 20 headshots then suddenly i can hack or pick locks better!! as far as the secondary skills go i think things like jumping/lockpicking/stealing should only earn XP by actually doing them, NOT by kills.

that depends on the system they use. i mean yeah, you shouldn't necessarily get xp from the actual kill, but by using the strength and stamina and whatever else for aiming and recoil and all that needed to make the kill, sorta like the oblivion system. that is something i would like to see in the next fallout, but i doubt it because bethesda seems to be removing as many rpg elements as possible in order to make it more "streamlined".

I liked the idea of the Oblivion level system in that you level up the skills you actually use.  As long as the level system in Skyrim is intuitive, rewards the player for his/her actions, and helps enhance the gameplay then it's fine by me.

i'd love to see some kind of "arcade"  system that shows the xp float up when you hit something or otherwise gain experience. sort of like borderlands or dragon age and so on and so forth.