Okay, Okay, Okay

I will admit it, I somwhat like Black ops..... I refused to even play this game for the longest time because of the mess that was and is MW2 (Although it was good for the first few months) but I decided to borrow the game from my nephew and I have to say, it isn't that bad of a game. It is extremely unbalanced for a beginner but once I got my hands on some decent guns it has been fine. The lag sucks but what game doesn't lag. Overall it has been fun, and that is coming from a HUGE Battlefield fan.


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Yeah its pretty decent.

I'm cool with it.

I can't stand it sometimes. I played some multiplayer yesterday and I don't know how many wtf moments I had. Let's just say a lot. With that said, I can't wait for mw3 to come out already.

Yeah I'm really enjoying multiplayer now more so than ever

@Defy, I hear you on that, although I am having some fun playing this game there are still a ton of WTF moments when I want to chuck my controller accross the room. The COD series is the only game that does that to me btw.