Okay honest opinions now.

Okay now let's start this from the background of my post, this is pretty much the first call of duty since 2003 that i didn't buy on launch. Now i am actually interested in some honest player views on it, not the whole "if you like the same then your love this" or people ranting about ths that or the other i just want honest opinions.


Now i've seen more negativity here then on an internet video when that beiber child is mentioned. yet i've seen ocasionaly one or two positive points.

So let's get the spectrum up here and see whats going on, say anything you want in reviews that arn't just fan boy obssessed banter, yet leave opinions freely here.

Hopefully it's just speculation that this is effectivly a reskinned MW2



Also if anybody gets in a argument just ignore the trolls & the fans just post comments if you really want to argue then we can go round back for the old brandy & a debate about who's toy army men look coolest.



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I watched my son twoupdoe playing last night. It does look a lot like MW2 but for me thats great, and he said it plays like it but better. I trust his opinion.

hmm interesting, though would you say it might be more for a younger audience rather then an all around audience? say more of a game to keep the kids entetained on rainy days etc?

And just for he sake of it, what do you do when you have another child or they get older and have a child? will that ones gamertag be threeupdoe?

Or just something totally different ... like Dave.

I only got to play a couple hour yesterday so im still getting the hang of everything new in MP.I did play the campaign,the missions are very short,you finish a lot of them in 20 minutes on normal.I cant wait to play survival with friend.Altogether I'd give it a 7 out of 10 right now until I get to play more,but from what I played I think im going to enjoy it.

I've only played for a few hours, but so far so good.  I went in thinking I might not like the game, but had lots of fun last night.  While they got rid of some of the annoyances from MW2, some are still present.  I played a game of Domination where the entire other team was rocking the heartbeat sensor and we ended up spawn trapped.  They have added a couple really fun game modes.  Kill confirmed is the first where you have to pick up dog tags after your kill for it to count.  The other is Team Defender and in this game you fight for control of a single flag and you get double points for kills while holding the flag.  Will I enjoy this game as much as I liked Blops?  Probably not, but its been fun so far.

So far I like it.  Don't expect much different from the other MW's but the maps are fun, some new game modes are a big improvement, and I really like the way KSR have been revamped.  Only played SP for one level, but it was good too.  If you like MW, I don't see a reason not to get it.  I passed on Elite though....certainly not falling for that gimmick.

I've only given the MP a shot for about an hour or so and it feels exactly like MW2...but with new maps. Comparing this to Black Ops......**disclaimer------only played for an hour-------disclaimer****......it seems like Black Ops was more well-rounded. As of now, I think Black Ops MP is a slightly better experience due to a few differences in Black Ops' favor.

I have played about 7 campaign missions-Clean, smooth, like it alot. Only have about 45 minutes in MP but it seems typical of a COD game. Having fun. Overall I like it so far and really don't expect that to change.

i played the MP only for about 4 hours last night.

it took me a while to get into it as i have been playing BF the past 2 weeks.

i had to get used to the controls and feel again.

i was not too impessed with the maps but it may be because i am not familar with them yet.

 the pointsteak system is nice. i love how you can choose which streak to use first.

there is typical rubbish like spawn trapping and emptying a full clip into an enemy just to watch them slowly turn and kill you in one shot.

it feels much like MW2 with different maps and tweked options.

if you want an upgraded version of MW2 or are new to CoD, then i would say buy it. if you were expecting something radically different, you may be disappointed.

it was hard for me to put down the controller last night and i am counting the minutes until i get off work.

BF games have always been more of my style for shooters. Land and air vehicles to control and just much larger maps. Feels more like a real war.

I rented MW3 and played the campaign for 2 hours and the multiplayer for 1 hour. So far it is a very good game all around. Yes it is for sure very similar to MW2 but I feel this one is a lot better. I do still wish this game had some sort of matchmaking because one of the games I was a level 10 with low level weapons and ended up with a team of level 50s that were just destroying our team. Plus it was 4 vs 8. Very unbalanced. But other than that 1 game it was fun online. Also only got disconnected from 1 game. I really like the "Kill Confirmed" game mode. Reminds me of the skull mode in Halo Reach. If your team doesnt pick up the tags you dont get the kill. Thats a great new mode to the COD series.

MW3 is a good rental but not a purchase for me. I usually end up getting bored very quick in these COD games. So I will be getting BF3 for christmas and just sticking to a rental with MW3. Looking forward to finishing up the campaign tonight or tomorrow. Then probably check out Spec Ops. But I cant wait to get BF3 for christmas

Played 7 hours on the Multiplayer and im not impressed, It feels exactly like MW2, but new guns and new maps,The maps are not good to play at all, they feel very clunky and awkward to play, The create a class has gone way over the top, Too many options, creating a class has become abit of a chore.

And next time your in a game and someone calls in the stealth B2 bomber, take a look at it, Its pathetic, I never knew a huge grey cardboard cut out could do so much damage.

Single player is great, Really good, Love the story, the characters and the action,

Spec ops is also very good, The missions are varied and actually fun to play, Also goes for survival (hoard mode) Which is also pretty good.

So basically the multiplayer lets this one down, and as its such a huge portion of the game i dont think I will be playing MW3 for very long.

BF3 ftw.

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