Ok, who agrees with me?

There should be NO killstreaks allowed in Kill Confirmed.  If the point of the match type is to collect tags off of fallen enemies you kill, it should be nothing but run and gun and nothing else.   There's always someone hiding out on a balcony or corner gathering kills for their extremely accurate hind or constant stealth bomber so the rest of the team can run around and collect.   I find this to be major BS.  I would enjoy this match type 100000xs more if killstreaks were not allowed.  It dumbs down the whole concept of the game and asks for even more camping.  Seriously IW, fix this crap.


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I don't agree really, and there's no hope of me getting a hind. Nothing says you need to confirm your own kill. It would be a good team tactic to have people picking off from a balcony and have ground runners to pick up the tags.

The whole point is to collect those tags toward the team win not the individual win therefore, if someone is camping calling air support of any kind while the rest of his/her team does the ground work and they get the win based on team effort; then you are wrong in your perception of Kill Confirmed but I could be wrong too. Also, In COD MW 2 kill streaks were individual not team related.

That is part of the strategy of the mode. It was even mentioned by the creators. I dont know their exact words, but they did speak about someone being a dedicated tag grabber while someone is the killer. We need less "Im mad cause they do this" threads.