ok to sum up (whats your take on it)

As the same wars are being repeated thread after threads here a summary and my take on this.

BF3 beta comes out with lets just say less than was expected.

Alot of people are sayin how bad the game is based off the beta.

Alot of people are then saying its an old version beta and not representative of the actual game

Then the arguements begin to flare up the "you're not a really BF fan you're just a CODpiece Poser"

Well heres my take.

I'm not some CODpiece poser I do like the battlefield games mostly from what I've played.

1943 - great game I really liked it

2142 another great game I still play sometimes

Heroes - another good game even if it is quite simply and TF3 esc which I plant to get back too with my rocketeer costume

BFBC1 - I played the demo and meh, I wasn't impressed to me I dodn't like the destruction as it didn't seem complete to me hence I didn't buy the game.

BFBC2 - played the demo, loved it as the destruction felt complete or closer to perfect.

BF3 - Watched the videos saw the cool stuff then played the beta and oh god the Beta is bad it feels like playing homefront.

Yes Dice has about 2 weeks to fix the game if this is what they planned to release. If its an early release then all this beta has done is make me more cautious about getting the full game, I'm going to check review scores and I might even rent the game first rather than buy it right away as this game just doesn't feel like a battlefield game to me at all in the beta I mean even BF1 felt like a battlefield game to me.

Now before people yell its only a beta I was in the closed beta for Red Faction Geurrilla and can say the actual game and beta were'nt that different (and that was about 9 months+ between Beta and release), so unless this build was the build they used as an absolute base point for the game, I think people really do have a case to be concerned about the game now, its nothing to do with being a true BF fan or not its simply being able to say, yeh look this game isn't what I enjoy I'm out as I did with BC1. I stumbled blindly into a OMG this game will be awesome thing by buying homefront having played Frontlines Fuel of war and thinking thw two would be similar so I'm not planning to do that again and I think people should look at this game not as a BF game but as an FPS game on its own and decide from that if they want it or not and not simply go "oh its a BF game it must be good".

So whats your take on the Beta ?


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Too late I'm yelling......"IT'S ONLY A BETA!"

just wait and see. lots of fan suggest its closer to BF2 than to BFBC2

so ur expecting something like MOH gameplay with larger battleground