OK, now what?

I saved my Social Security nickels and dimes to get my grandson an XBox 360 and, as seems to be the case extremely often... the CD/DVD drive expired... possibly from a broken heart... within weeks of the warranty going away.  Wouldn't read anything.  Not games, not music, not video.  Wouldn't read disks that it had BEEN reading right up until that fateful morning when the drive finally realized that the warranty had dumped it for a younger unit somewhere.

So it was a doorstop for a while while I made the rounds of all the help and support forums and swapped numerous messages back and forth from people whose drives had also bitten the big one after being betrayed by the fickle finger of fate and passed over a younger model.  Tried everything there was to try... except those CD lens cleaners... but it always came down to "Buy another drive.". So I did.

Now... being on a (really small) fixed income and always on the lookout to save a buck or two, I admit to buying a refurbished drive.  Should have bought a new drive yes, but I couldn't find an exact replacement and I kept reading that anything else would require "flashing" whatever that is.  Amazon had all these refurbs with warranties and all... so I got one from one of their highest rated sellers and very carefully destroyed any chance I would ever have of getting any help from Microsoft with my issue by opening 'er up and replacing my drive.   But let's face it, once they found out my unit no longer had an active warranty, if the help I had gotten up to then had been a bucket, it wouldn't have been big enough to hold a moderately sized monkey turd.


So anyway... I replaced the drive.  Now it reads audio and video disks just fine but game disks?  Sorry Charlie.  Does all manner of weird stuff depending on which disk I'm trying it with, from immediately diving out to the splash screen with MW2 and in the case of Fallout 3 it tells me I need to put the disk in an XBox 360 console. 

Now, I'm ot sure what's up with that... maybe the machine is going through some kind of identity crisis thingy and doesn't recognize that is IS an XBox 360 console?  I dunno since I have no health insurance coverage for it anymore and can't talk to the shrinks.

And always... the only option I'm ever offered when the tray closes is "Read DVD" which explains all those weird happenings of course because a game CD is in a format that the unit is no longer able to recognize.  So what I have now... instead of an expensive doorstop or boat anchor... is an expensive DVD/CD player and since I already HAVE one of those built right into my TV, I don't feel like I'm getting anywhere near my money's worth out of the thing. 

Now... if you've made it this far through this huge, long winded discourse... please... does anyone have any ideas that haven't been hashed and rehashed a million times over the entire existence of the 360 series consoles as these drives appear to have dropped like flies during the period? 

I know I can buy a NEW drive and do the "flash" thing, but I'm not sure the drive is the actual culprit in this case since it reads everything else and I simply can't afford to keep changing stuff out until something works. 

So does anyone have any OTHER solutions or notions about what to look for and/or do that worked for them, things that maybe didn't involve the drive itself? 

The only other answer appears to be to try to get the boy a new console and if that comes to pass, guess which one it is NOT going to be?




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Self repair can not be discussed on the forums, and unfortunately since you opened the unit MS will not touch it. And the console will now be classed as modded by MS, and as such can be permanently banned from connecting to the Live service.

What ever platform you want to use it seems like your only option is to buy a new console.

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