Ok Im stuck :(

This game is massive, so hopefully somebody knows what Im talking about. Im in some sort of "nightmare" sequence, where you have to figure your way out. Ive gained the abilities to turn into a rat, a dude that is on fire ( can walk through fire) and now I have the ability to transform myself into the weird tall guy in the robe with the long fingers.....LOL this is sounding lame....anywho....HOW THE %^#& do I get out of this nightmare world? Anybody??? By the way, not into RPGS AT ALL, but for some reason this game is consuming my life :(


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You are in the Fade, see the wiki here for a guide.


Scroll down to the section about the Mages Asunder which is what you need to do next to get the ability to shapeshift into a Gollum.


You then need to find and kill the 5 diferent guadians in each of the areas, and you can also free your companions as well - one you complete to ajoinning areas on the map that comes up when you enter a fade pedastal the 3 outer areas will become available.


n.b. to break through massive doors as a Gollum, just hold down the A button.


19) I’m stuck in the “Lost in Dreams” quest, in what order should I tackle each area?

  • Travel to “The Raw Fade” area and get the Mouse form.
  • Travel to “The Darkspawn Invasion” area and get the Spirit form.
  • Travel to “The Burning Tower” area and get the Burning Man form.
  • Travel to “The Mages Asunder” area and get the Golem form.

Once you get all the forms it’s just a matter of going back and complete each area. Don’t forget to free your companions

See if you find useful my FAQ

Thanks for all the info.