Ok im really concerned about this Marketplace error

ok I saw that the Annihilation Map Pack came out and I downloaded it on the CoD STORE in the multiplayer screen, the thing is as soon as I click it to download it said "This download isnt available in your location" so I was like ok watev ill wait I go to the dashboard and I got curious looked up my Active Downloads and its was downloading it........ It didnt take any MSP away from my account or anything Im really concerned about this situation cuz I dont want to get banned for a pathetic marketplace error...... plz help


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it takes a little bit to be available;e in all areas, just wait a few and try again.

So you got the map pack for free?

It did the same this to me. but it got to 99% and it said cannnot DL. I was worried too about getting banned for getting it for free, but it never DL'd so I guess i just have to wait longer

exact same happened to me , cant find out why it wont let me download and its really frustrating me now

it is same to me at me is eleven o clock at night but it still doesn't let me. Lets wait till tomorow and check what will happen then.