Ok I might be the only person having this issue.

But I am trying to find a match and I just never do.. I have been stuck on the searching for players screen for about five minutes now. I must be the only person with this issue because I see no other posts about this. WTF!


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It's a brand new game so it's unlikely you're the only one with an issue. Just be patient and relax, maybe play some solo campaign.

Yea I could try that. But still I don't like the fact that I have been sitting here for the past ten minutes and cant find a damn match. I thought everything was good for this game? It's not my NAT type because that's open. I really wanted t get the hang of multiplayer  before everybody else becomes experts at it and just own me once I do get to play.

are you trying Ranked?

cause in Social i get matches almost instantly

well I tried ranked and that worked. But for some reason quick match wouldn't. I was playing ranked and its a great game love it so far

Ok everything is good now. Must of been too low rank. Awesome game though love it

I can't find a Horde match.