Oh the HUMANITY!!!

Does anyone know a good spot to try to get any humanity. I'm about to face to bosses at Anor Londo (again.....)  and I need some H to summon the knight and to max out the effectiveness of my Furysword. I've tried the 3 rats under the bridge a lot but they're not giving it up. And I've tried the female merchant but she has none left.  Any help appreciated.


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hi rats in depths give you much humanity its colse to bonefire so you can respawn them.)

ah yes, i remember that was good hunting ground. thanks, i'm off to the depths

baby skeletons in the bottom of the tomb of giants yeilds humanity aplenty.

Best spot is definitely the baby skeletons in the Tomb of Giants right before Gravelord Nito boss although it really pisses me off when their corpses fall through the damn ground. Second best spot is definitely the Mindflayer-esque serpent enemies in the Dukes Archives. When the man-serpent activates the music and it causes those weeping serpents to attack you.. they have a great drop rate, are easy to kill, and are stationed right next to a bonfire. Third best has a low drop rate and thats the rats in the sewers or the white rats that sound like grunting dogs in the Painting of Ariamis.

lol did you last two even read the guys post?  hes trying to get humanity for the anor londo boss fight and you suggest the two areas that are impossible to even reach unless you've beaten the boss fight he is going for.  haha wow

I also suggest visiting Sen Fortress where you can get a ring which will help drop rates.  Follow the boulder path that winds down and its supposely at the bottom of it.  I am going to get it tonight then grind in the depths for green titanium or large titanium shards from the slimes and humanity from the rats.

yeah i got that ring, thanks. heading back to the sewers now .........

That ring (gold covetous serpent or something like that) is essential for farming anything that is dropped.  You definitely want to use it for the slimes in the depths.

When you already have the ring I'd suggest you a special route I used for farming in the depths:

From the bonfire head down to the first 5 rats, proceed to the other direction, then there's a rat in a box, and another 4 rats down the steps (including the one fleeing from you). From that spot again head into the other direction take an immediate right and drop down for some cursing frogs. There's one right around the corner. After that one again turn and head up the steps and follow the path for some more frogs. When you cleared the two small rooms containing many frogs at once, use homeward and start your run again.

As long as you are going for completion you'll need 10 Eyes Of Death which is dropped from the frogs.

If you don't want to get the rank-1-miracle in the Gravelord-covenant you don't need to go those extra-miles for the frogs.

Be also wary of being cursed down there, so eventually get a few uncursing-items from the upper sewer merchant.

If cursed, don't uncurse immediately. Instead farm as long as you wish and only uncurse AFTER you're done with your farming session.

I've farmed about 30 humanity and 10 Eyes Of Death in about 2 hours (maybe 2 1/2) with a discovery from 300 from that particular ring.

I took the rat-run route with the ring and got 30 H in 1.5 hours - fantastic. I avoided the frogs. thanks for all the great tips everyone.

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