Oh Snap!

Remember pre-September when all of us were drooling over Forge World? I sure do, and I couldn't wait to create maps with this fantastic upgrade to Halo 3's forge system. It upgraded a lot of things Halo 3 lacked but there was one thing that never delivered. Didn't Bungie promise a "snap" feature to automatically snap pieces together for faster forging? What ever happened to this idea? Was it too buggy or something?


It would've been nice to see.


Currently I spend way too much time trying to place objects so they align perfectly and it just gets to the point of questioning the time wasted. For some reason Reach has turned me into some sort of stubborn perfectionist that cannot stand ONE jagged edge. Halo 3's system was simple and no map was perfect, yet when I see Reach's maps I wonder why I even try. I rarely feel motivated to create maps while in Halo 3 I have a wide assortment of them. I would spend hours moving pieces around until it matched what was in my mind. Of course after I created my maps, rarely anyone would play them. I guess I just see forge as a waste of time now...


Sorry that kind of went into a rant. Does anyone remember the snap feature or agree with me?




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Ok, I may have been wrong about the "snap" feature. They were talking about rotation snaps. But anyways, wouldn't it have still been cool to have pieces that could snap together instantly?

Would be really hard to do with all of the awkward shapes.

Certain things I can see would be odd to snap to other pieces, but I think we should at least get to snap together things like walls.

[quote user="IsaacClarkeSNL"]

Would be really hard to do with all of the awkward shapes.



That is true, but maybe it could have an option to choose which side of a shape would go with which. Of course this whole option could be turned off if wanted.