Oghma Infimium book

Last night I was putting this book on the book case when I notice you had several choices so, being a normal human I pushed on the shadow part, and the book disappeared, but I got extra minuets of invisibility where did the book go ? I must assume it is a one time deal, right.


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I think it goes away after you've picked the section you want to read. I did that. The same thing happened.

Thanks .

Yes it self destructs.. there is a glitch where you can use it over and over again to max out your skills.

The unlimited skill pts glitch was fixed with a patch because I eagerly tried it in a moment of weakness. :p

I was tempted to use it as well.

I did use that glitch, but after a while, the game got boring. I restarted that character over again. Glad they did fix that glitch. I was tempted to do it again, but talked myself out of it. :)

Will it still count toward the 15 Daedric Artifacts achievement now that my book seld parted this world ? I think it should not sure.

It does still count.