OFP: Red River game breaking glitch

I just started act 3 and the first thing I am tasked with doing is clearing the PLA forces around a tower at the top of a hill. The task itself is easy enough and I kill every enemy soldier in a 1,000 meter radius. I have my team secure the tower. Nothing happens. Usually this means there is some straggler enemy hiding in a corner that I still need to kill. I've had my team secure each and every building in the village. I've walked laps around the entire battle zone, regularly firing off "here I am" shots in the air. Nothing. I finally broke down and checked an online strategy guide. The walkthrough for this section simply states "Kill all enemies around the tower and Knox will call you back to the Humvee"


Well I've definitely killed all enemies anywhere remotely near the tower, yet Knox is not calling me back to the Humvee. So I continue wandering this desolate ghost town of a village and I've covered every square inch at least 3 times. I've reloaded the previous checkpoint several times, and get the same results every time. Has anyone else ran in to this problem? I'd hate not being able to finish a game because it's broken.


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Okay, well does anyone have an unbroken version of the game and wouldn't mind helping me get past this part of the game?

Nope, I've never had this problem but there are two things you could do; either restart the campaign or join in on someone else's game. I'll be happy to play through this mission with you. Add me anytime you want

A friend of mine was supposed to help me with it last night, but he never showed up online. I'll add you, if you wouldn't mind inviting me to your unbroken game?