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    Has anyone did anything with settings to get comparable stats for their players?  My players aren't the best but I gotta believe that their stats would be better if I simulated every game;  I just wanna get the most growth/improvement year to year.


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if you want the best growth/improvement, I would put the difficulty/sliders as low as possible and play every game on 15 minute quarters.  Winning every game 200-0 would certainly help their development

dude, that wouldn't be fun at all.

o, you made it sound like all you cared about was growth/development.  If you want realistic stats, instead of 5 min quarters play with 12 min. quarters.  With 12 min quarters, each team will get (ROUGHLY) 60 plays per game, similar to real life.  With 5-7 min quarters, you will NEVER get realistic Passing/Rushing/Tackle #'s, so obviously the cpu will always have better stats.  Im not sure if you would look at that as "not fun at all".  I cant imagine simming every game would be fun either

Ok, I can see how you thought that.  I was already playing 8 & 9 min quarters.  Now I'm up to 10.  Probably once a game I'll sim a series on each side of the ball.  Not out of boredom but just because.  I'm enjoying the game the more I play but in, say Mad 10 if I played a fran. game with the bears B Urlacher would have maybe 4 or 5 tackles.   But if I simmed a game he would have like 8 to 10 tackles with a fumble forced or sack/s.  Seems like you were likely to get stats that reflect a players 'talent' in simmed games as opposed to playing the game.  

It's like you know certain players should be performing better, but they don't; length of game shouldn't have that much of an impact imo.

thanks for your response anyways....

Try Superstar on 15 minute quarters.  That is about has sim as you can get stat wise.  You only control one guy and only play when on the field.  

Length of game has everything to do with stats.  The more plays you can run, the more chances you have to make a tackle/sack/fumble/int/yardage/td's/catches/rushes/etc.....

You will go nuts trying to match real stats....