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Is there any way for to reset an account so that they gain credits offline normally? My cousin doesn't play online, and is tired of only gaining 60 or so credits in a single campaign level. I don't know if it was an update that did it, but I do know that when you first go online with Reach it will ask you to do this or you can't online. So, I need to know if I can reverse this, so my cousin actually can rank up and gain credits at a realistic pace.


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if it's a Silver account and their are daily challenges involving kills in any game mode or campaign challenges, he can still be online but it be silver. Having a silver account still will show as an online (not gold) and he will be able to gain credits 'normally'. I put normally in quotes due to if he does NOT have any internet source whatsoever and it was never a silver account, the ChainSmokingBob is correct.

There is nothing you can do.


If it's a young account you might consider deleting it and making another one, but that would be a big decision you should make.