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Though it’s technically an Xbox Live Arcade game, Battlefield 1943 is really more like a digitally distributed big-budget product, complete with modern tech, robust online features, and endless replay value. A remake of the classic Battlefield 1942 that uses Bad Company’s Frostbite engine, 1943 ships with four beloved maps: Iwo Jima, Wake Island, Guadalcanal, and the unlockable Coral Sea. (The latter is a special aerial dogfighting level that will be opened “by the community,” EA tells us. Mysterious! But we did play it for this review.)



What you get, really, is Battlefield at its most pure. After choosing your class (engineer, sniper, and so on), you’ll try to capture all five control points from the enemy team. It’s 12-on-12 on dedicated servers (yay!), and you’ll find boats, jeeps, tanks, air raids, and the aforementioned planes all at your disposal. The ability to create squads within your team is a welcome one, and the feeling of piling into a jeep with two allies, barreling into an enemy control point, and wiping everyone out is pure bliss. On top of that, we can’t think of another game where sniping is more enjoyable. With a little leading, you can literally kill someone from halfway across these massive maps!



Since it was created as a focused, $15 slice of classic Battlefield heaven, though, 1943 has one inherent flaw: it features no offline play whatsoever. It lacks single-player (aside from the tutorial), split-screen, bots, and even System Link. It’s Xbox Live or bust. And given the size of the levels, the game suffers mightily with fewer than eight players per side, so you’d better hope enough people are always online. Also, are four maps sufficient? One or two more would’ve gone a long way. Here’s hoping EA prices the inevitable downloadable maps at a reasonable rate.


+ Large-scale, class-based combat on dedicated servers!

+ Sniping has never been such a blast.

- No offline play…not even System Link.

? How much will the inevitable DLC maps cost?




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Needs 3 more maps!

Is it hard to get into games on this? Do people even play it anymore?

[quote user="jackw428"]

Is it hard to get into games on this? Do people even play it anymore?



nope lot´s of newbies everyday I rarely play with the same team more than twice a day on weekends it´s loaded with people everywhere best FPS IMO I play it way more than Gears 2

The problem was lack of maps/dlc.

Previously known as Win7Xbox 360

I love it. Nice break from the COD madness

Its simple yet honest fun, I can't think of another game (excluding RPG's) that I have spent so much time at. Its very easy to get a game and their always seem to be a large group of people who play it regulary.

If I had one wish it would be to meet the team that made the game, shake their hands and say thank you very much.

The best arcade title to ever grace XBLM !

DICE would make an effing killing if they ever decided to release some DLC for this game.

They clearly do not want to compete with their own resale games though .

As always, they feign surprise when their product supposedly blows their expectations out of the water.

why complain about no offline play mode? i was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the single player campaign in BF: BC2 but other than when the servers were down when did anyone actually play it? it never even crossed my mind to judge BF 1943 on the fact that it's online-only.

I wish there was more maps and dlc :)

I agree, why does it need offline. If it did the offline would not be any good. It needed more maps though.