Official xbox Live clan support?

It would be great to have the xbox live service updated to allow for Clan Management right on xbox live.

That would allow for team or clan lists, to appear much like your friend list,

and actual option to allow Clan tags next to "Gamertag" on the xbox live service

I'm sure I don't need to brainstorm all the ideas, 

and have official xbox live clan tournaments and registration that is managed by the xbox live service.

It would allow for users to become more interacted with the service of Xbox Live.

Have clan customizable, "avatar marketplace clothing"

ect. ect. ect. ect.

Xbox Live Managed clan leader boards and tournaments, matches, and actual prizes.

Incentive for others to "Join xbox live and become a member of a clan or team

An offical xbox live clan section.

Clan party chat

clan messages

It be great to see xbox live expand its team support and party support to allow for teams and clans

just wanted to express this idea and hope others show interest to have Clan and Team interface and matchmaking and management feature added to the xbox live service.


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Things I agree with:

  • Clan List for friends.
  • Clan Tag next to GT
  • Clan Party Chat.
  • Clan Messages.

Things I don't agree with and the reasons why:

  • Official Xbox Live tournaments. This should be done by the production companies of the games themselves. It is not Microsoft's responsibility to create the tournaments but the companies that create the games. If you want tournaments for those games, take it up with them...not Microsoft. Fine example of that is the Call of Duty: ELITE app that allows you to enter both clan tournaments and "lone wolf" tournaments.

  • Customizable Avatar clothing. Once again, this should be done by the production companies to implement whatever logo or emblem that clan has onto a specific colored tee or jersey what have you. Yes, Microsoft would have to add it to the marketplace but the companies would have to make the code for it., then request it to be posted onto the marketplace and for what price...but it would have to be a universal code that would actually have to have what clan you're in in order to post it...which means that this whole idea of official Xbox Live clans would have to be implemented before it could even remotely be possible.
  • Xbox Live Clan Leaderboards. ..........yeah, same reason as the first one...

Eventually I'm sure the production companies will start to work with Microsoft to make this happen.

It would be great to see Microsoft take the inactive, by starting to implement "CLAN" features on xbox live.

I agree with your points on marketplace content, leader boards and tournaments. Those would have to be in collaboration with production companies.

Another feature.

To implement a Clan "Tab"  Shown on xbox live dashboard, but filled with content from production companies.

Possibly show production company advertisements for latest tournaments, perhaps clan leader boards by game, overall, and player ranking.

A place on the dashboards within this Clan Tab to allow clan searching, based on recent games played,

or a place to register or signup for tournaments, or at least an advertisement that would direct to the in game registration.

Tournament Prizes, could include Unique "Gamer point Achievements" "Marketplace Content" or Sponsored Prizes,

example" Achievement Unlocked "1500 - Winner of the Coca Cola Battlefield 3 2012 Fall Clan Tournament

Prize Examples: That would include production company collaboration as well as Microsoft support, as far as dashboard "content tabs" and allow for Sponsors to collaborate with production companies to host tournaments and prizes.

Prize: 6 Month Xbox Live subscription, Unique Avatar Tournament Ring, Hat, Bracelet, " ect...

Avatar Marketplace Content: Special Edition Tournament Winner Nike Shoe,

Or floating avatar accessory, like a star displaying winner of ect.." that hovers around avatar, again production company idea.

As far as the leader boards it would be great to have a tab, on the dashboard, and the leader board could be in the form of an advertisement showing the top clans in the game, that way it is still on the dashboard but done by production companies.

It would be great to see these things done with Halo so Microsoft could sort of lead by example so other games can follow the template.

Also a dashboard Tab for Clan,

at first it would show a list to search for clans by region , game, game type, and be more of a directory. and lead into some sort of scouting, or approval process, similar to sending a friend request, and goes to "Clan team settings" an option to choose admin's as far as who "team management" ect..

after you join a Clan this would then change to the "clan tab"

Where you can browse clan friends, and the service would become much more of a social network.

perhaps in the form of a social "app"

like right now it only displays Facebook  video kinked, voice studio and twitter, but have instead a "clan app"

a beacon & avtivity could display "clan messages' when starting a game, to send out to potential friends or online clan members to participate in the game.

another collaboration on this Clan Tab implement could be "xbox live rewards"

They already have incentives, perhaps they could collaborate on an effort with "clan prizes" or incentive.

Wish Xbox would do something like this already!!!

can I create a clan thru xbox or only thru specific games