*Official* *unofficial* 500/1000 CLUB!

Congratulations at your amazing achievement. You have ignored boosting. Played the game right the way its suppose to be played, not trolling around online asking for help with ranked achievements. No leaving your xbox online all night using character for "my kung fu is stronger"  I am proud I am almost there at 490. and I can say I earned my achievements. I may get to 750 may not. Doesn't matter. If Shang Tsung was or is homosexual, would he use his shapeshifter trick to his advantage? food for thought kids!

Sam The Man 


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Ok 550 and counting! Last night a fever came over me and i ripped 9 off straight. Then I lost, so after 3 months of trying for it I said F this. There has to be a (cheat!)  method for the OUTSTANDING achievement. EXPOSE right here if u go to dashboard after u lose ( right when Finish him pops) your streak will not reset.  So get a win AND if u lose Ragequit and go to dashboard  through the guide button. Reload MK rinse and repeat till u get achievement. XBOX360Achievements.org It works. Ragequitting and Boosting? Zoners? Spammers? Infinite Combo Exploiters? Xray winners? whatever it is WE R ALL Guilty

I got 600+.. Signed.

I would sign, but I'm still in the 210/1000 club

i regret posting this, there i was bored at my computer lol

I'll sign this, just for kicks. Only 'boosted' one cheevo, anyway.