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Hello, I'm starting a new game on legendary difficulty. Would love to get in a party with anyone who plays Skyrim. Just post and let's keep a Skyrim party full.

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Count me in.

If I'm on and playing feel free to add me. GT is the same as this one.

Is there multiplayer on Skyrim now?

No. Never has been, never will.

Then what is a Skyrim Party for?

People chatting it up while they play. I would get in if not for living in a house where I can't be too noisy while I play.

It's a little thing we here in Texas call getting chatty. Just to pass the time and make some new friends really. Although some folks can get too chatty there is with some headsets a little button that turns them off. Just kidding! I'd say that it's more of an excuse to share your thoughts and get hints than anything else. Could be really wrong there though. Kind of like the Poker game chat room.

When I'm home alone, which is rare during game time, I can be chatty sometimes.

Sounds fun, but I'm usually in a party as it is haha.