official infinity ward cod 4 forum is no more

yes its gone now...i can imagine this game in its case lying in a field on a cold autumn day, the chilly wind blowing dirt across it and a few months later the text barely readable with sun fade.small holes begin to appear in the sleeve thanks to the scavenging insects that feast upon it, R.I.P Call of Duty 4.


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they ended it so infinity ward doesnt have to read all the posts of people complaining how f***ed up it is because of infections and hackers. i just wish game developers would take some responsibility and fix games i paid money for and still play a lot, ya right might hit sales of mw3..cant be having that can we.

Eh, it is a 4 yr old game after all. i cant imagine there is much new info out there in taht forum. Other than hacks and mod complaints which is probly why they shut it down.

So they can't fix people who get hacked/infected now?

they dont fix jack squat, even if you contact fourzerotwo (d-bag!).