Official 1500/1500 gamerscore thread for Alan Wake

Posting this here because no one has reposted this thread since the forums got rebooted.


Sign if you have all the achievements for this amazing game!  (And don't sign if you don't.  :P )


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Good Game. 1500/1500

Wow only two of you huh!!

No, I completed this game as well, so you can count me in.

The DLC achievements and the POINTLESS thermos collecting were the biggest pain in the...


Just completed it a few days ago :) I found the hardest achievements were beating The Signal on one playthrough, since your constantly ambushed by the taken .... and yes the thermos quest grrrrr lol

I did this about 6 months ago.  Playing on Nightmare was a breeze.  Hardest ones were finishing the DLC without dying.  For whatever reason they decided to start having platforming sections in the game.  Frustration-city.

It was a fun ride. I love this game and can't wait for the second one.