offensive/vulgar language

Was playing Black Ops 2 on Wednesday, Febuary 5,2014 at or around 8pm to 835pm est. With a party. After game play the gamer tag of " D Sug" sent me a very offensive and vulgar message. I did report his gamer tag thru xbox and also choose to avoid this player.

I understand that there is language etc during game play of which i mute, so i dont have to partake in such language but the message sent directly to me from this person was uncalled for and unwarranted.

If you need the exact message please email me or contact me and i will provide the message but i really dont care to repeat it.

Thank you

PS i truly hope that microsoft looks into this and suspends this person to get the point accross.


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Vulgar language is a great thing to mention due to the younger aged players. No they possibly dislike you for a reason or just a player who thinks he or she is a comedian.

PS make sure you keep track of their gamer tags for future references.

Hi on 12/17/15 I was playing titan fall and I received various offensive  messages from XTHEXUNDERTAKER because I was beating him in the game he cursed at me calling me a b**** and also used more words to offend me he suggested I was cheating which I don't and he said he was going to report me suposely because I was using a, turbo controler?,or a mod? He also said he was going to contact his friends to report me.I don't need to cheat I play fair and never had issues with anyone.I am just a player and the point of the game is to kill each other to win.I called to report him and they send me here.I just want to let know what is happening with this player who doesn't know how to loose.