Off Topic/ The Many Faces Of Reptile

Everyone has a opinion on this! I see it everywhere and I think its a better topic than "Ur Fav Mk?"

Most posts I have read hate his new look, I might agree. When I see The Mask on his face I cant Help But Think Of the Bird People In the movie

"The Dark Crystal"

I see a lot of people hate on his MK 4 look, I understand. But I like it. Wasn't he not suppose to Kinda resemble a human? Maybe pass for one in the shadows? "V" comes to mind

The 2 I hate the worst are Deadly Alliance and Shaolin Monks. Deadly Alliance he Looks Straight Up like he might sale me Car Insurance! and SM too ermac-y and mummy

I really love it that they always change him up he is constantly redesigned. He Is a great character, wish he could talk more. MK 9 worst music ever for mk game



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I honestly hated Reptile's look in MK4 but the worse was Deadly Alliance when he looks like a freaking lizard, I never picked him that game but I still love his character in general.

I really like the new Reptile look. So I would say that is probably my favorite. I liked MK2 and UMK3's too. I didn't like 4 much. And I can say much about the other games as I didn't really play them much to form an opinion. So I'd say this new one is my fav followed by MK2/UMK3

Also just for the record this is a cool/interesting topic. Nicely done OP.

I think that the current Reptile look is perfect. It's not over the top Saurian  and  not too Basic or Cheesy.

Thanks Mewtwo for the kind words, I like to hear from other fans, thought provoking stuff. I use to be on one Mk dedicated site, MK nexus i think but the site went under for a couple years then reappeared, with TRMK and even other Fan dedicated sites  its just better if i post here :) B4 Mk 9 came along the series was in big trouble after the Stunt with the crossover game