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Ok tried it all. How on earth do i put an Enter on the forums now? Since the new forums nothing works.. i tried "<br>" i tried to press enter a couple of times.. any of you guys know? Or is it my webbrowser? I still use IE8 on my work. But with Google chrome nothing works either..






just pressed 4 enters.. lets see what happens.


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wtf?!?! right.. now it did work.. i dont understand anything about this new website..

Nevermind guys.. lol!

Your not the only one my friend.

It's definitely a problem with the site. I have been able to put enters in with google chrome, let's see how my droid 2 does..

Hit enter twice

Test. This confuses me just as much

Hit enter 3 times

Hit enter twice

Hit enter 4 times

Hit enter 5 times


Edit: Firefox fail. Now it's in rich text format.

Quick reply enters using chrome

3 times




Edit: must be quick reply that it doesn't work in


2 using rich