OF: Red River... Co-op?

Can anyone tell me if this game sports an offline Co-op mode? I can't find the info anywhere.


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part of the reason why i cant find anything out... nobody really replies. i see some of you with it in your top 5.

I will find out tomorrow and tell you.

Kiddeth, you are getting it? I actually had no idea that this game had 4 player co-op. In fact, I was actually about to remove this game from my Gamefly queue but I forgot to do that and now they are sending it to me. I will have it on Wednesday if you wanna do some co-op.

I also see you have Brink which I am getting from Gamefly as well. I am going to send you a friend request.

Unlikely to have split screen, but it does support 4-player online coop for the campaign, and several different dynamic cooperative game modes...such as a rescue, convoy, and elimination type thing.

well split screen co-op will be the deciding factor for me. thanks for the coments though, guys. i guess i'll stick around until then. dont forget to coment letting us all know. :)

no split screen, but a fun game.

damn. thanks though, KIDDETH.