Of All The Games Out Now..

Seriously, like Skyrim, Halo CE, MW3, BF3, Goldeneye, Gears 3, Batman AC, AC Revolations, Dead Island ect.

Which one have you enjoyed the most, or would recomend?

For me personally Dead Island was a big one for me, but now that Skyrim is out im in love :D<3


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Skyrim is amazing :)

You can't go wrong with Arkham City either

Saints Row TheThird is one of the funnest and downright enjoyable games i've ever played.

And I love me some Battlefield 3, it has incredible scale

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Saints Row the Third albeit short it was alot of fun playing trough it and im even finding it fun to look for the collectibles.

Skyrim, i haven't had time to play assassins creed with this game! lol. The only other one i am interested in is batman but untill i finish with skyrim no other games will be crossing my xbox.

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Skyrim is the best. MW3 is a cod. BF3's boring, full of campers. Goldeneye? james bond? no thanks. Gears looks ok. Batman looks like a button masher, eww. First assassin creed traumatized me with the discusting filth of a game, still havent recovered enough to play other assassin's. Dead island ill prolly check in the future if i got the time


I've never had the desire to play as a Muslim assassin myself. No thanks.

gotta say shadows of the damnded or catherine was my major 2 faves this year(mostly for their awesome soundtracks and insane momments that just havent been met by these"blockbusters").yes ladys and gents, im a niche gamer :p

For those of us who have a PS3, Uncharted 3 is one of the best games I have ever played (behind Skyrim, of course)

I haven't gotten the chance to play any of these games yet, but I'll be getting Modern Warfare 3, Skyward Sword and Skyrim for Christmas hopefully. And I'm especially psyched for Skyrim, the only thing I won't be looking forward to is spending half an hour making my character look exactly the way I want him.

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Nothing comes to mind. It's a year of sequels. Sequels never have the same impact on me as the original. That being said, I would pick Assassin's Creed: Revelations even though the gameplay was nothing amazing. The story is just so awesome and the hook at the end makes me want buy the next one regardless because of the story.

Skyrim beats all the games I got this year hands down. The only games that really stood out to me this year were LA Noire, Skyrim and GoW3.

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