odd thing just happened.

I was racing a guy in sports series today. And i saw the guy in mirror, at the finishline he was about the lenght of 2-3 cars behind me when i crossed the line. But no, the score says he was the winner by about a second. I saw him in mirror as i crossed the finishline. Did this happen to someone else?

What is this?


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its called a glitch. his internet connection (or yours) is slow, causing him to seem to be behind you when actually he was in front...welcome to computerland.

Hmmm a glitch in a game is something that is reportable if you use it so i dont belive in a glitch this time i think you mean lag though thats more likely what happened. And thanks for welcoming me to computerland ive only been playing online since 1998 :D

glitch: A sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment (google)....not within the game but the connection. a lag would be considered a glitch. but get used to it in need for speed...seems it happens alot in this game.