Odd question.

Is there a way to block the game play but allow Netflix? When I am away, I would like for the sitter to access Netflix for the kids. But I don't want them playing on my games or account. Can I block one and not the other? Even if it's a port block through the router? Thanks in advance, Chris

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Unfortunately, no.  You could view you last played game though make sure nothing else was played.  Of course, if the babysitter is knowledgeable, she/he could log into a dummy account to play the games.  Hhmm, I don't see a way around it, but you could look into a Roku player.  They are for streaming Netflix and Hulu Plus, and you can find them for $50 now.  I have one that my wife uses in the bedroom.

Have you tried to access the family options through your dashboard and set it up?


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If you have a full Netflix account you could log onto a computer and play shows there or if you have a smart TV or Apple TV device you can log on there. Also, if your at a place with wifi you could check in on your account to make sure the sitter is not playing games or, when you get home, check recent games and make sure it's netflix that's the most recent ,not an FPS game or something like that. Hope I was of help.