Odd PvP moment.

I was making my way back from the painting in Anor Londo to the nearest bonfire and found I couldn't activate it. So I assumed I was in the process of being invaded so quit out rather than have to deal with someone who was likely going to be glitching or something (yes I'm that cynical). I jumped straight back into the game from the title screen, kindled the bonfire and resumed farming the painting guardians to tip me over the level up ledge. I went back to the bonfire, leveled up and made my way back to the tower so I could continue on only for the tower to starting moving by itself while I was still at the bottom of the stairs. I made my way up when it stopped and saw an invader had activated the tower. Up to that point I'd had no notification that I'd been invaded, Anor Londo itself isn't dark and once I'd dispatched the invader he appeared in my recent players list so I know it wasn't a NPC invasion. 

So what actually happened that led to me being invaded without me knowing and if I'd been invaded while I was still at the title screen would I still have been findable and killable? 

EDIT: More importantly if he'd moved the tower up while I was still at the bonfire how would I have gone about getting back up again if he'd disconnected or something? 


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One of the covenants allows un announced invading 8(. Also there are levers at all the towers entry/exit points to call it back should it be in the wrong position.

The unannounced invasions are for Dark Anor Londo using the covenant ring to summon you. Not sure why it didn't tell OP he was being invaded. Things happen for no reason sometimes. This is one of those times.

You can use the lever to bring down the tower from the Darkmoon Tomb bonfire.

What covenant? Darkmoon = announced Darkwraith = Announced.... Forest Hunter = Announced... Gravelord = Dosen't invade. Otheres = Don't invade.

Its just the game glitching It happens sometimes. But all the Covenats announce when you invade.

^^^ Darkmoon using the covenant ring.

I thought Darkmoon Covenant members could only invade people listed in the book of the guilty?