Odd In-Game Glitches?

Anyone else having some really weird glitches and bugs? Ive had two different bugs on multiple occasions:


1) During MUT games, one of my linebackers is invisible. I can take control of em but all I see is the "red ring" of where he is supposed to be. Without knowing "casper" was on the field, he intercepted a pass and the next thing I know I am controlling a floating ball. I found it funny, has anyone else seen this?


2) Three times I saw this second (im assuming its a glitch) glitch. Once after I picked the kickoff from the playbook, the game wouldnt move on to the actual kickoff sequence, it would just sit on a screen of the 2 teams in a huddle with the ref holding the ball. Unable to kickoff or even pause the game, I was forced to dashboard after a good 5minutes of waiting. Also happened twice when the refs called an off-sides and the same thing happend (with the huddles and ref)- another dashboard.


Have yall had this happen? Is this a typical problem (with bugs) in past madden's?


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