Obviously Halo isn't a perfect game...

haha nah I'm just kidding, it pretty much is IMO. Yes my OPINION, in no way am I a "pro" at reviewing games but I do have to say that Halo 4 improved and fixed many mistakes from previous Halos. Anyways here is my review of Halo 4

Halo 4 continues the story 4-5 years after the events of halo 3(both in-game and IRL)

I will base my review on sound,visuals,campaign and multiplayer.

Sound: When sitting at the main menu,to campaign,to multiplayer the audio is great and brings a balance that perfectly intertwines with on screen visuals. It is never overpowering and brings a crisp,clear, and smooth addition to the over all experience and definitely 'feels' like Halo music we all know. 9/10

Visuals/Graphics: 343 has done a beautiful job painting the story in what we hear,but also see. I have never seen a more beautiful game and would replay it just to wonder around in the campaign and stand in awe. Many times during campaign you are in larger than life places and over-scaled maps. Which is awesome! 343i has raised the bar and improved graphics overall that I knew they would deliver! 10/10

Campaign: It starts off almost exactly where we left off in Halo 3 and picks up from there. It tells the story in such a smooth fashion that the campaign hasn't felt 'tedious' or a chore to finish. As someone like me who knew little of Halo 4 and only knew when the game came out I am impressed! I'm only halfway through the story and can honestly say I am not disappointed in the least. Halo 4 perfectly sets up the story for Halo 5 and 6. 9/10

Multiplayer: This was what I was concerned about most. Disappointed with the mechanics and gameplay of Halo:Reach, 343 has improved the overall experience that is multiplayer. They bring the fun back into multiplayer and nothing has been OP or unbalanced. Playing several games with a group of buddies makes it more fun (of course) but for someone who is more team based and plays a lot of BF3 I can say multiplayer, to me, is fixed and brings a great addition to the game. The new system of loadouts and ordanance drops is a great addition and still brings the unique Halo experience. 9/10

Overall Score:10/10 Perfect game. Here's my reason for the score I'm giving it that it rightfully deserves. Halo 4. We are in the 4th installment for the franchise and actually improves Halo as a whole and raises the bar for future games. It literally pushes the boundaries of how Halo is meant to be. There are very few game franchises that can do well with continuing games and only giants like Mario,The Legend of Zelda and of course Pokemon have made successful sequels, Halo well deserves to join their ranks and will continue to succeed. Might I add 343i was looked down upon by many Halo fans and no one thought they could produce anything worthwhile. 343 proved them all wrong and I'm happy to have supported them this whole time 


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Having a open check from Big Billy Gates helped.

hell yea! not a bad thing though, they used their resources quite well and delivered nearly perfectly.

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Having a open check from Big Billy Gates helped.


Bill Gates is retired.

So is Hugh Hefner......

I do agree tho Magneto this game is damn near perfect!