Obsession With Achievements

I am definitely guilty of this, even to the point of not enjoying what I am playing. I don't know what it is, but I love unlocking achievements, not so much to brag to others (mostly because no one really cares, lol), but to accomplish something for myself.


Sometimes I don't want to play a game on something like the PS3 simply because trophies won't add to my achievements. I wouldn't say achievements are ruining gaming, because most of the time they actually help me enjoy the game even more. I do love having stats to help myself get better at a game (except k/d ratio in anything but team deathmatch in CoD, that is just stupid).


What are your opinions of achievement points/trophies? Love 'em? Hate 'em? I'd love to hear your reasons for your opinion.


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Before 30k, I was trying real hard to get there.  After 40k, I really stopped caring.  As for MP ones, they're wasted on me.  I don't try to get them.  Grinding ones, I do some of them.  Collecting ones, I hate most of them too.  If they did away with them all, games would be a lot more fun for me because back in the 80-90s, games were more enjoyable.

I think they're ok.  If I'm not enjoying a game I won't continue to play it just for achievements.


If I do enjoy the game I may occasionally go for achievements.   Plus it sometimes make you do things that you never thought of but turns out challenging and fun.


But there aren't much games I care enough about to go for them.

I believe playing a game you don't enjoy for the sole purpose of achievements in one of the most pathetic endeavors in modern society.

Sword...what's wrong with Hannah Montana.  -_o

I like Hannah Montana.

Well, I read bad things about the game made but yeah...

I am a [lover of achievements and all things achievable]. The achievement kind to point out.

@ swoard. I not ashaimed I played a easy 1000 point game. And I would get them all if I had the money. Just immagion all the gamerscoer. I be bigger [lover of achievements and all things achievable] on my FL. he he he he he he he

Personally i think while achievements have done alot of good for gaming, its also done alot of harm. Achievements like 'The Little Rocketman' in Half Life 2: Episode 2 (i think) is a great example of how i think achievements should be used.

On the other hand you have people who play games they hate, wont play a game because achievement X/Y/Z is too hard/glitched or because they cant get the MP achievements and people are missing out on some good games.

I can certainly understand the pull of achievements in a game you are enjoying. However I can't understand why people will continue to play a game they don't like for the sake of some gamerscore.

I love achievements. <3

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