Obscure Villains of Batman Lore

Somewhat relative to 'Arkham City' in that we'll be seeing Calendar Man in the game we're all droolin' for.  Obscure is the word that comes to my mind when trying to recollect any memory of him in the animated series or comics.  I thought I'd open discussion on which "obscure" villains in the Batman Universe caught your fancy over the decades.  Being a fan of the old 1960's cartoon series, I thought I'd throw this one your way, remember Simon The Pieman?  a.k.a. Mother Apple?


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As I have only seen a little episodes from the animated series (been looking on the internet to watch them online but not all of them are there and makes me mad.) never saw the 1960's one, but i have seen most of the 2005 one "The Batman".

But from research i have done of villains in Batman i would say the one that caught my "Fancy" would be well....Joker, i know but i just guess it is because i hate clowns and he is like the perfect evil clown.

Oh i watched the animated batman movie called i believe, "Batman under the red hood' something like that. Unfortunately Kevin does not play the voice of batman in that one.

Not sure if The Joker falls under the label of "obscure", but there have been obscure appearances by him for sure.  I thought that both vocal replacements for Batman & The Joker in 'Under The Red Hood" were excellent, especially in light of the fact that we'd gotten so used to Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill in those roles...:-)

Yeah i loved the humor an laugh of the Joker in Under The Red Hood.  By obscure would you mean like Penguin?

More along the lines of Calendar Man, Killer Moth, and Simon The Pieman.  Not the 'usual suspects'...:-)

Oh i see, i don't know much about him but Calendar Man for me seems pretty crazy.

I like that RockSteady has paid tribute to many of these "lost marvels", we saw many of them in the bios unlocked in 'Arkham Asylum'.  Maybe we'll actually be able to visit 'Tweedle Dee' & 'Tweedle Dum' in their cells, or see 'Firefly' in action with some far out invention of his...:-)

Yeah, to be honest i learned about a lot of the Batman stuff from Arkham Asylum. Like i never knew of the Husk character, or of the Creeper. hope they have more of those Bios in Arkham City which im sure they will seeing as there are Riddle Trophies. And did the guy from RockSteady say there is 400 collectibles. Phew i will be busy.

I think it's great that Rocksteady is including more 'obscure' villains this time around, not just the 'usual suspects', as you said before. That being said, my obvious favorite choices would be Roman Sionis & Tommy Elliot. They're not too obscure but they don't get enough of the limelight as some of Batman's other more popular enemies. Abbatoir, The Condiment King and Crazy Quilt come to mind when I think of obscure Batman villains. I doubt they would be in the game but it would be great to at least see them in 'character bio' form. I'm actually surprised that Abbatoir wasn't at least mentioned in Arkham Aslum. I would be ecstatic to find any of these characters in the game, especially at the end as a surprise.

Yeah, I've totally forgotten about The Condiment King, he was fabulous, one of the funniest animated series episodes for sure.  How about Temple Fugat a.k.a. The Clock King, he made it into more than one episode, he was classic.  Do you all remember Mad Stan from Batman Beyond?  He was definitely one of my favourites, "Blow It All Up!"