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Hey guys this is Zachy Here and im bringing you an obnoxious obnoxious player and he has send profound words to me and other former ambassadors and he has used such rasist words torwards me and other community members and gamers however i told him that rasism is not tolarated in the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use and he just didnt care. Now i will post the Messages and his gamertag. i hope i dont get a mod edit. but this needs to stop he has been making female players feel unconfertable even my own girlfriend which we play when we are not together in real life and i stepped in and reported but this has gone far enough and we need him out of the xbox live Gaming Comunity. Well All messages will be sensored but you will know what words they are. Please drop a complaint on his gamertag and definetly spread attention about this matter. Thank you - Zachy.

1st message: [Mod Removed]

2nd message: [Mod Removed]

now his actions torward me and my friends even my girl friend over xbox are strictly unacceptable and please bring attention to this. thank you.

P.S. his gamertag is [Mod Removed]

Thank You - Zachy


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Since you mention you used to be an Ambassador then you should know that posting this is not allowed and the proper way to report someone is via the console via the file a complaint tool.

LOL I have to laugh at how badly people freak out over this kind of behavior.  Ignore it or report it and move on.  How hard is that?