Oblivion walker achievement not awarded

So I've tried this achievement more than five times thinking I might have messed up on an item but this time I made sure I didn't and I currently have these items in my inventory: Dawn breaker Ebony blade Mace of Molag Bal Mehrune's Razor Sanguine Rose Skull of Corruption Volendrung Wabbajack Ebony Mail Masque of Clavicus Vile Ring of Namira Savior's Hide Oghma Infinium Azura's Star I just finished "The Only Cure" quest to receive the shield but the achievement doesn't pop when I get it please help

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I did it 4 times before I got it with 4 different glitches. When I did finally get it I got the ring instead of Savior's Hide. For some reason it made a difference for me.

Savior Hide is your issue, for some reason you need to choose the ring.