Oblivion Spell Crafting

Ok, so This is my first playthrough as a Mage in this game. I've never quite beaten this game yet. I always stopped mid way through it when im about 70 hours in the playthrough to play some new game I might have gotten. 

This time im not playing any game till Ive beaten this ***.

SO far im 80 hours into this playthorugh according to raptr.

So I just got into the mages guild university and I learned of the spell crafting. I didnt even knew this existed when I played the other playthrough because they were melee characters and didnt use magic at all. So I didnt even bother to go up to those podiums and see what they did till like two days ago.

So what are some good spells to create??? From reading some of the tips in the loading screens, it said I was able to create some spells that can only be obtained through spell creation. And now I see what they meant

I came up with some nice spells myself that I havent found in the game else where.

Like I have these Elemental magic spells that I been using since I made them. And they are quite powerful.

I use this spell on a enemy when I first see them 

Elemental weakness:
100% weakness to fire
100% weakness to frost
100% weakness to shock

After I weaken them I use the spells below

Elemental Bolt:
30 fire damage on target
30 frost damage on target
30 shock damage on target

in groups of enemies I use this

Elemental Bomb:
30 fire damage in 10ft on target
30 frost damage in 10ft on target
30 shock damage in 10ft on target

and then enemies get up close,
I use this

Elemental Palm Strike:
45 fire damage on touch
45 frost damage on touch
45 shock damage on touch

You guys have some unique spells you would like to share with us???

*by the way* I closed down a lot of oblivion gates and enchanted all my armor with magicka enforcing sigil stones so I have like almost 500 magicka.

I've been really enjoying playing as a mage since I started creating my own spells. I hope we can create spells in Skyrim. With the fact that you can dual wield spells and combine them for a unique and powerful spell, I will be very exited to see what we can come up with.

Fire in one hand and lighting in the other, put them both together and............*** TIME!!!!


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You can't actually pull both triggers with two different spells ,in Skyrim, and combine them into a special spell.  You can only use both at the same time if you have the same spell in both hands.

Argh, I hate my internet. I posted here the other day, and my internet tapped out. I thought I had posted in here. Anyway, I suggest you enchant your gear.