Oblivion Is on sale

Xbox is having a sale and the games on demand version of Oblivion is only 22 bucks. GameStop price isn't far from this. Anyone who is new to elder scrolls should jump on this. Oblivion is just as awesome as Skyrim in my opinion.

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Is this the GoTY Edition with the 2 Expansions?

I'm fairly certain it's essentially the 2006 release, with no DLC.  I'd say just go on Amazon, spend a few more dollars and get the version that comes with Knights of the Nine and Shivering Isles.

Yea...they still want 2400 MSP for the Shivering Isles, that is 30 BUCKS!

I spent real money on Oblivion 3 times. I bought it when it came out for my son when i was still in Morrowind. He moved away and took Oblivion and the 360 with him. I bought my own 360 and a GOTY edition of Oblivion for myself the next year. After I had played it out I sent it to him since he hadn't played Shivering Isles. I had bought Knights of the Nine and Frostcrag Spire with points and then was missing Oblivion. I found a Collector's Edition at FYE when they were closing out games. I've learned my lesson and won't let this one go. I still have and play Morrowind GoY, too.