Objective based games these days.

It seems like very few players in shooters know how to play objective based games today. Yesterday I played a little bit of BTB after I left the forums group (Their true skill rank is way higher than mine so I felt like a 3rd wheel) and I slowly built up a team of players over time. These players knew what they were doing and had mics. Before I was able to accumulate some actual team mates, I realized every mode is team death match or slayer to almost all players. I played a lot of **** because thats what got voted to play a lot (yay for repeatative gaming due to the vote system!). Players usually take warthogs, mongooses and other vehicles right away and rush the power weapons instead of letting the bomb carrier hop on and at least get a ride to where they are so they can be protected by that power weapon. We even had one guy jump on the mongoose and I jumped on the passenger and his buddy killed me, jumped on the back without the bomb and they drove off. Yes I understand not everybody has to be around the bomb carrier, but hey, instead of watching the side of Paradiso that doesn't have the bomb carrier, maybe you should turn around and look that way with the sniper rifle.


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LOL indeed, i normally dont condone that indecent behaviour =) but i got caught up in the moment and a crazyness took over ......

It's because of the way games are set up nowadays. Everything is about the K/D. You don't get rewarded more for scoring a flag or planting a bomb than you'd get for a double kill with 2 headshots. And as the1337gamer said, winning is of little importance in Reach where you aren't basically wasting your time if you lose. Either way you'll get something for the game.


It's a lot worse in CoD from what I remember when I used to play that garbage game Modern Warfare 2. It's literally almost always kill farming for the entire game for every person. It's an extended, kill limitless deathmatch. It's not nearly as bad in Halo unless a full party is matched up with all randoms. But yes, I completely understand what you're talking about.


In fact, I've been guilty of doing that (as I'm sure all of us are). The other day, I really didn't feel like going for the flag at all in a multiflag CTF game. So I literally camped in the back of the map with a sniper and went 24-0. It was stupidly easy, and only 2 people of the 8 enemies were able to figure out where I was sniping from. (This is also one of the reasons why I wish the Sniper would be taken out of most objective games).

LOL i will get my revenge!

People are jerks. Ever try to get your vehicle kills commendation in FireFight? 94% of the time I get blown up. 5% of the time they blow whatever vehicle up before anyone can get to it, and the other 1% they grab it and start betraying. Don't even get me started on Grifball.

hi Isaac, it seems the teams in the forum games the other night were good at objective, like that one time ummm Sion played a bit of macarena and then the objective was to double bag him, and i believe the team pulled together well and suceeded in our goal =)

ha but really, i know what you mean, to play with randoms objective doesnt work, the only list i have actually found reliable for objective is always multiteam, always fun!!!

Thing is that winning games on Halo: Reach does nothing really, people would rather just farm kills to raise there kill/death ratio than play the objective and risk dieing.  People care so much about kill/death these days, they think it makes them a better player but it does not.  Maybe this has come from the COD community, where i've seen people in all objective game modes playing for kills, so they can raise there precious k/d.


I'll point out that in Halo 3 alot more people play the objective, because the only way to gain experience/skill to help you rank up was to win games.  Reach offers nothing important for winning game.

hehehehe thats what they all say!

nahh its true bro! ;P normally i will just limit it to a melee to a downed opponent depending on the mood of a game...