Object manipulation?

This might seem odd but I can't find anything for the life of me that explains how to pick things up within the game world without putting it in my inventory. ? (ie. Pick up bowl, place bowl on table across room)


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try hitting the left or right stick in.

Tried this, nothing. Thanks though! EDIT*** I am pretty sure I tried this but I am at the office as of right now and cannot confirm. Would still like somebody who has the game to reply.

need to hold the A button, which picks things up, you cant pick up things that are too heavy though, like giants.

So holding down A wont just put it in your inventory? Cool! Thanks!

Try holding the A button.

Edit* Whoops, nevermind, lol. I was beaten to the answer. :)

Is moving things around easier than what it was like in Oblivion?

I thought it was pretty easy in Oblivion but it is easier in Skyrim for sure.  

I switched my original "Use" button "A" to "Y" so I can jump using the "A" button and interact with things using the "Y" button. So whatever your "Use" button happens to be allows you to pick things up.