OBA NATION is looking for mature coaches. 3 team left before start.

OBA is a SIM league only with a firm set of rules in place to ensure it stays SIM. Enlisted in OBA are core members that have played an integral role in the league for over 3 years. At this time we have openings and are hoping for more qualified members to take us to 32 teams. OBA is searching for professional people that want to be part of a league for the long haul. We're searching for people that are willing to communicate, play their scheduled games and posses great sportsmanship. Our goal is for our members to retain a competitive edge while having fun at the same time! 

Were a 20 and up league. Though if your a little Younger we'll give you chance to prove yourself. We believe everyone deserves a chance. 

**End of Season Roster is to be used along with Simming first Season then on to Draft and Free Agency Bidding ** 

OBA prides it's self on having a very professional supporting cast of Staff members that are very quick to respond with questions or issues. 

Extras we offer at OBA 

  • A very polished Website and Forum 
  • Coach Application process and Screen games to find the best person for the coach position in the league
  • Mature Sim coaches that enjoy playing Win or Lose. 
  • Custom Magazine with story every quarter. 
  • Coaching Cards- Coach History on Main Site. 
  • Custom Super Bowl Tickets to the Winners 
  • Seasonal Awards - Forum Icons to show your accomplishments to everyone. 
  • Every Other Saturday Live Radio Shows( with real live callers) 
  • Weekly News Articles by are 2 OBA writers.( Always Looking for more writers) 
  • 4 Day advance for the Working man or Women. ( Sometimes Sooner) 
  • 3vs3 Coach Pro Bowl OTP at the end of the year. 

OBA is welcome to all skill levels out there in the madden community as we continue to grow the community here at OBA and to give you the madden player a place to be proud of playing in. If your interested please visit OBAGAMING.COM and please fill out a Team Application located in the visitor Center. If you need to get in contact with me ASAP. Please send me a message on XBL GT: PigSkinRodeo 

Teams Avaliable in preseason Wk 4





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Jags and Bears taken.

Only teams left are Raiders and Packers.