O C4, Where Art Thou?

Excuse me for the noob question, but what class will have C4 in it? Or it will it be like BC2 where you can use it in any class if you use a non-class special weapon (i.e. shotgun, M1, etc.)?


I love C4 more than anything so if it's not in the game, I'm going to be heartbroken.


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Probably one of the unlocks.  But they have not said what all the unlocks will be.

Recon will have it I think.


BF3 will have C4. How else are  you going to blow up buildings with wookies in the attic

Don't lose any sleep over it, it's Battlefield, you know they'll have C4.

Instead of C4 they might have thermite or something. Would be neat if you could breach doors with an explosive/flashbang effect to the ones inside.

Maybe in the All Kits Class if it makes a return.

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I believe I heard that C4 will be given to Recon. I don't know about it paired with the All Kits, though.

If C4 is a Recon-only thing, I'm going to be more heartbroken than if it wasn't in the game at all . I love using the Assault class with the increased explosives perk so I get to lay six down at one time and cause mass destruction.

Don't you mean the Support class now

I wish you can use C4 with other classes. How else am I going to blow up an entire city by myself or go jihad-jeep.

recon makes sense.. that is how it was in BF2MC