numbers on melee weapons what do they mean?

 Melee weapons like the Grim Reaper Ultimate have a number on them sometimes, in the case of the UGR it increases with each kill. Is it a ranged weapon ability? if so how do i fire it without throwing the weapon through the air? also when i find helmets like the grim reaper mask or the Lego like smiley face whats the command to wear them?


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U cannot wear the hats u find as weapons. Their are 2 different lego heads and green heads. One u can wear and one that is a weapon. The counter I was never sure what it meant. For guns its ammo but for the Grim Reaper I think it was for ammo but it might keep resetting because it has unlimited ammo until it breaks. only ranged weapons can be aimed with left trigger, everything else is Y or X.

If you notice when pressing Y, or the heavy attack, balls of fire fling out, that's what the ammo counter is for. Using the normal attack button "X" swings the weapon in which kills refill the ammunition.