Number 1 is still the best of the series

The first Mass Effect is still the best of the series for me. The strong story, sense of exploration and decent combat make for an all round great experience.


Mass Effect 2 is good but the obvious shift to wanting to be a shooter means the first game keeps its edge for me.


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While I've played ME2 many more times than ME1, there are many aspects of the original that I still prefer.


Honestly, I don't even try to compare the two anymore as they are such different games to me.


Either way, I still think both games are amazing and easily top 5 Xbox 360 games to date.


I agree with the original poster. Mass Effect 1 to me is far better than Mass Effect 2. The biggest reasons are more memorable characters and the storyline. How many characters do you meet on side quests in Mass Effect 2 that have interesting problems?  Very few, in fact maybe only one hand full. Also, Mass Effect 1 had a better mixture combat, RPG elements, and as I said above , the characters. The only thing I disliked about Mass Effect 1 are the planets and the Mako.

Another thing that makes it better for me is that you get a real sense of character progression as you pick XP up throughout the levels. I never really get the sense Shepard is improving in the second as you are the same at the start of a mission as you are at the end.

Mass Effect 1 = a classic TV series.


Mass Effect 2 = blockbuster movie.


As I've been saying to my friends, the first game is like a great TV series with an excellent narrative. Supported by solid character development and plot. Mass Effect 2, on the other hand, while still awesome, is like a blockbuster movie, with plenty of action and very little on story.


Perhaps the 3rd game will be an amalgamation of the two? A perfect balance? I sure hope so.

I love 'em both but the whole atmosphere, settings and mystery of the first chapter of the ME series draws me more to it.

Never the less Mass Effect as a whole, IMO, is on a category of its own.

It's such a hard choice (which is better), but I'd give the nod to the sequel.  Better characters (especially Jack), better gameplay, better DLC, and a story that's every bit as good as the first one...:-)

The problem with the characters in Mass Effect 2 for me is that so much of the new cast is tied up in their romances.


Jack being the prime example. Play as the female Shepard and Jack just stops halfway through the game and ends up being the tough gal she was at the beginning, it's only if you chose to play as the male Shepard that she truly opens up and develops as a character.


I disagree on the better gameplay, I far prefer the way things are handled in the first.


There is certainly more DLC but I'd say that Bring Down the Sky stacks up to any of it.

Another character who really comes into her own in ME2 is everyone's favourite, Tali.  'Mancing aside, the mere fledgling pilgrim of MASS Effect ignites into a Tech MASS-TER before our eyes in ME2, "No, you're taking orders from ME, and if you don't like it, you can wait back aboard the ship!" right off the get go establishes her as THE DOMINATE character of not only ME2, but the entire MASS Effect Universe, The Illusive Man doesn't stand a chance...:-)

Both great games, but they got nothing on KoTOR (Knights of the old Republic) on the original xbox. That game pioneered the rpg experience. Hoping ME3 will live up to the hype.

The first game is by far more original, and, I think, more immersive. ME2 feels too the marketing goons at EA got their grubby paws all over it.

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