Nuketown Zombies


I bought the standard Black ops 2 game, and i want Nuketown Zombies

However, i do not want to buy the season pass... is there a way I can just get that one map for like 800 MP or something like that.

Like in Black ops, you could by a map pack for 1600, can i just buy Nuketown Zombies, or do i have to spend $50/4000 MP to get it?


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Currently there is no other way to buy Nuketown Zombies. It may be available in the future as a download but there has been no info on that yet.

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not yet you really want it you'll have to buy the season pass

that's such a ripp off whats up with that xbox live ncan you say bull *** greedy *****!

Should have pre-ordered that Hardened/Care Package Edition, brah.

I have season pass and NT Zombs.Its sooooooo good :-)