nuketown zombies

i phoned and they are having problems and they say that it might not be fixed intill next week they are aware that SOME people are having issues and they are trying to fix it..... they really need to sort this out its unaceptable 


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same 1-99 smoothly but at 99 it just jumps arround

well im still waiting to down load my nuketown zombie 2025 and it still wont let me what is up i did the pre order and friends of mine got codes for it when they got thiers and have already been playing what is the deal

it's the 12th, and still not available on my live account. i understand the people who have the seasons pass frustration, i don't have the season pass, but i was told on the 8th that it was free for everyone. i did pre-order the game, and all of the pre-ordered deals i didn't get either. but when you tell me i can download nuketown 2025 on the 8th and there is a message right now saying it's free, but i can't download it, there's a major problem.

darn i got excited when it said i could download and i hadnt bought the pass... ah well

It wasn't supposed to be released until the 12th of December.  Activision made a boo boo by having a placeholder on teh marketpalce but not the actual content in full.  It'll work on the 12th.

Its happening to me to what the heck is wrong with my nuketown zombies it keeps going to 99% then to 0%, and plus the ones who did'nt pay for the season pass did'nt get the map for free. And plus if the map does'nt appear next to the season pass at the store of the black ops 2 it means they are trying to fix it because alot of people have got the same issue.

from everything i heard the ones who didnt pay arent getting it either. they start to download it gets to 99% and restarts over and over until it errors out.

No joke right? I paid 50$ for my season pass 2 weeks ago! And Nuketown Zombies wont even show up in my store, let alone allow me to download it. If people who have no season pass are getting it free, how is that fair to those of us who paid for it? Microsoft, Treyarch, Activision, do you enjoy taking peoples money?