Nuketown Zombies

I bought 400 points from Gamestop last night because they told me I could use it to download Nuketown Zombies. However, I can't find how/where to download it.



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I dont think Nuke zombs map has been released as DLC yet, not sure.

They lied to you. You have to purchase the season pass which is 4000 MSP to get Nuketown Zombies. No word yet on whether or not it will be released separate.

same here i got the season pass and i cant find it we need help

What you have to do is go into the zombies menu and all the way at the bottom below options will be the store. Click on that and the first thing that will pop up is the season pass which will have a check mark and say purchased. Go right on the left thumbstick and it will move over to Nuketown Zombies. Hit 'A' and it will say the download is free, confirm purchase, go to the dashboard and let it download.

Not released yet, it's only for season pass holders,right now.

NEVER listen to gamestop employees. They never have the right information and it blows my mind. If you buy a season pass you will get NT Zombies.

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