nuketown 24/7

Has anyone ever actually played this ............

I just got to thinking .........


I've played nuketown 24/4 and maybe once 24/5 ............. but  I dont remember them ever having it 24/7


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Yea it does suck that they only offered it on DXP weekends. I love NT and have so much fun just running around spamming grenades

If they don't bring it back permanently, I'm selling the's literally the only fun thing left to do on Black Ops.

Yeah its not bad but i don't like  the random game mode ya get with it. One game could be s and d the nxt could be demolition

Domination on Nuketown

I enjoy Dom, Demo and HQ...those are a blast, especially HQ when the entire team spawns in the same backyard as me, as I pull out an RPG.


The FFA and TDM need to go though, and SnD is fine..but the house campers get old.

Love Nuketown. I'm fine with it changing game types. It should be permanent at this point. I know it's easy xp, even without double xp, but  MW3 is coming out. Need some frag multi kills?... dis be your place mon.